We don’t want to shut down dispensaries.
We just want to make them safer.

When the voters of Michigan made marijuana legal, they did it believing that it would move from being a dirty, illegal business into one that was clean. It would be an industry that was a force for health and healing, as well as force in driving the Michigan economy. Right now, that’s not happening. Currently, the laws as they are written, are not being followed, and that’s putting people’s lives in danger.

For years, anyone who used marijuana for medical purposes had to accept what they could get their hands. Once they found a trusted caregiver, they’d be highly loyal to the person and products that helped keep them well. It was an imperfect system, but one that had to be maintained for the health and well-being of the patients.

Unfortunately, we now know that much of the caregiver marijuana is highly contaminated. In the short, two-week period since Michigan begin to require testing:
  • 7 significant recalls have taken place.
  • 11 major toxins including E. coli, salmonella and arsenic have been found.
  • 60% of caregiver products failed testing for pesticides and microbial contamination during a recent test at a state-licensed lab.

Today, it is possible to cultivate and harvest marijuana that’s free from harmful pesticides, toxins and poisons. Grown with the best seeds and soil, as well as the utmost dedication, it’s free of harmful organisms that can make you worse, and not better. Why is the State of Michigan allowing untested, unsafe and illegal medical marijuana to continue to be sold?

Voters fought hard to make it legal.
Join us in the fight to make it safe.

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Tell Governor Whitmer to stop the sale of untested marijuana. And stop the dirty weed.

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